Woman, 42  years old

My journey in therapy with Jimmy started about 6 months ago.  My husband had started with Jimmy several months before that, as a transition from our couple’s therapy (different therapist) to start to focus on individual needs. I eventually followed suit, as some of what they were working on together had deep impacts in the dynamics of our marriage.

To explain, my husband and I have a bit of an extraordinary lifestyle, with myself being Canadian, my husband being Danish, and both of us travelling extensively, often internationally for work, family and personal.  I cannot stress enough that the ability to work with a skilled therapist almost no matter where in the world you may be has been hugely valuable. My husband and I consider ourselves blessed to have this opportunity.

My first intention with asking to work with Jimmy was to focus on my marriage and relationship with my husband, but soon it became apparent to me that I had a gentle, compassionate and exceedingly perceptive guide who could help me take a deeper look at my own internal workings. Those echos from the past that I carry with me that subconsciously undermine my relationships and hijack my emotions, despite my extraordinary attempts to control everything and project a very good looking façade to the world.

Jimmy has helped to walk me through and finally start to fully heal from deep grief related to the traumas of failed fertility treatments, especially a heartbreaking miscarriage of our twins two years ago and my own related stalled grief, and the hurt that such a loss can descend on a marriage.

He is helping me to reconnect to the gentle and sensitive child in me that has been covered up and cut off while attempting to present a face to the world that I am cool, confident and in control. Yet it is that sensitive part of me that is so important to the core of who I am, and a part of me to be appreciated and nurtured. This part of me has been cut off in an attempt to deny and compensate for the impacts of what a dysfunctional broken family has on a sensitive child, and extreme breaches of boundaries that have occurred throughout my youth and young adulthood. Essentially, with the help of Jimmy, I am deconstructing the brick wall that I have built up to protect myself, because at the same time this brick wall also blocks out those I love and cuts me off from fully experiencing life.

My husband and I continue to be work in progress, but we are making great strides in better communicating and recognizing our needs, the real human needs that we each have, rather than just reacting AT each other – which is no small feat!  I also see the powerful personal growth and development in my partner, and that is inspiring.

In summary, I would highly recommend Jimmy, and I am delighted that his talents can be appreciated beyond the borders of Denmark. You will find in him a caring, empathetic and astute individual that deals out a potent mixture of no-nonsense therapy mixed with deep compassion and connection.